Methode Sylvotherapy


Since everyone can not walk 40 minutes in the forest daily, a new approach to energy care has been developed in order to be able to connect to the energy vibrations emitted by the trees without having to physically connect to the trees . This method uses different wooden objects that respect the natural polarity of the wood. We are talking now, but erroneously, of polarized wooden objects. This term is not entirely accurate since, as we have seen, wood is naturally polarized. In order for the "polarized wood" objects to be active, the direction of the wood must be respected during their manufacture. By respecting certain additional characteristics, polarized wooden objects allow our body to immediately resonate with the energy vibration of the trees. The polarized wooden objects that I use during the energy care I propose have the following characteristics: * The objects respect the natural polarity of the wood * The objects are made of a particular species of wood: alder. This tree grows near the rivers. When it grows it takes care of the information of the water and when we connect to objects in alder our body (composed with 80% of water) establishes a fast resonance with the wood and therefore the vibratory rate of the wood. * The objects with which I work describe each of the energy vortices that associate with the properties of alder favor the fluidification of energies in all the energetic networks of the human body * Objects are made on the basis of sacred geometry (golden number, Fibonacci suite). The latter amplifies and densifies the properties of the natural magnetism of wood and the wave of form created by the energy vortex.


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