What is Sylvotherapy?


What is Sylvotherapy?     

The sylvotherapy - of silva, wood / forest in Latin - is a practice that consists in improving the state of health of the body and the mind by the contact with the energy of the trees. This new therapeutic approach brings a better generality thanks to the connection with the energy vibrations emitted by the trees. Physical proximity or direct contact with trees would therefore be extremely beneficial to humans.

Recognized in Japan as a technique of relaxation in its own right and as a cornerstone of its policy of preventive medicine, sylvotherapy is an ancient practice, known and used for centuries but forgotten little by little with the arrival of industrialization and Of urbanization

Appelée Shinrin Yoku par l’agence des forêts au Japon, c’est-à-dire « bains de forêts », cette pratique promue depuis le début des années 80 a dû attendre le milieu des années 90 pour faire l’objet d’études scientifiques poussées. Ces recherches ont pu démontrer les vertus de la sylvothérapie et ses effets physiologiques postifs.

Called Shinrin Yoku by the forest agency in Japan, that is to say "forest baths", this practice promoted since the beginning of the 80s had to wait until the mid 90s to be studied Scientists. This research has demonstrated the virtues of sylvotherapy and its postive physiological effects.

Important points observed in 1995 for several subjects who spent 40 minutes in the forest in the morning and afternoon were decreased tension, anxiety and fatigue, and decreased salivary cortisol. Other studies have supplemented this research, including decreased blood glucose levels in some diabetics and increased natural killer cell and immunoglobulin A, G and M levels in The blood of people practicing the Shinrin Yoku.

Now the sylvotherapy is the subject of a discipline in its own right in the prestigious Nippon Medical School of Tokyo under the name of Forest Medicine. In Europe and the United States, sylvotherapy has more and more followers! They meet regularly in the forest to participate in "tree huging" day (literally kiss the trees).


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What are the beneficial effects of sylvotherapy?


The contact or physical proximity of man with trees and the connection of man to the energetic vibrations that trees emit provide a general physical, emotional and energetic well-being.

- Strengthening immune functions

- Regulation of mood disorders and those associated with depression (better feeling of vivacity, return to a state of serenity and increase of positive thoughts)

- Fight against premature cell aging (DHEA's level) - Significant decrease in noradrenaline and dopamine levels, which are important vectors of stress (reduction of anxiety)

- Significant increase in the activity of NK lymphocytes (also called natural killer cells or null lymphocytes). These cells, made in the bone marrow, produce chemicals that destroy cancer cells.

- Reduced blood pressure (adiponectin level in the blood) which implies a reduction of heart risks

- Increased concentration threshold for children with attention deficit and positive effects on cognitive and creative functioning

- Strengthening of concentration and productivity in adults

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